VOGO, member of the Performance Center of the French Football Federation (FFF)

The center offers a full synergy between different sport stakeholders and decision makers (FFF experts, players, staff, referees, schools, laboratories, private companies…) focused on sport innovation and performance. It will be located inside the future Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines center (78120) which will open in 2021.


Pauline GAMERRE, FFF Director of Business Development:

 “We are very pleased to welcome VOGO as a member of the FFF Performance Center. The ambition of this center is to gather our experts, leading companies in their field, researchers and academics in order to place innovation, new technologies and science at the service of performance. This is a conviction shared with VOGO and we look forward to working together! ».


Our contribution?

VOGO supplies VOKKERO SQUADRA communication kits for women’s D1 and men’s National division referees. The VOGO teams will also carry out the maintenance during all seasons.


Our benefits?

  • Becoming a member of the FFF Performance Laboratory, a worldwide recognised quality label.
  • Getting a full access to the Performance Center and its coworking place.
  • Having the possibility of meeting and exchanging with the other members of the Performance Center, and then encouraging innovation and continuous improvement.


The outcome?

VOGO, with its VOKKERO brand, strengthens and consolidates over time its place as the sole supplier of communication systems for professional referees in all divisions of French football.


Luka MARENDAZ, VOKKERO Sport Business Developer:

“Our history with the FFF started in 2005, when it became the first Federation in the world to use our referee communication systems. We always had a special link with the FFF, and today we are very proud to have the opportunity to strengthen that relationship by becoming a member of the FFF Performance Center. This is an ambitious project and we are very happy to be part of it by bringing our innovative technologies.”

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