VOGO SPORT at EuroVolley 2019 !

After the Montpellier Beach Masters, VOGO is covering the last 4 Pool A matches of EuroVolley 2019 in the South of France with its VOGO SPORT Live & Replay solution…


France hosts EuroVolley matches

EuroVolley is a continental championship organised by the European Volleyball Confederation. This year, 24 teams will compete within 4 countries (France, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The lucky French cities are Montpellier, Nantes and Paris. The fifteen matches of Pool A will take place from September 12th to the 18th at the Sud de France Arena of Montpellier.


A willingness to engage volleyball fans

France is hosting the European Championships for the third time, the last one being in 1979. After 40 years of waiting, the EuroVolley Organising Committee wants to offer a new experience for fans, a goal shared by everyone involved:

“It’s a lifetime experience for both players and fans alike. EuroVolley will spread Volleyball fever across Europe and take us to new heights in terms of promotion and fan engagement.” – Aleksandar BORIČIĆ, President of the CEV


The Federation chooses VOGO SPORT as their Fan Engagement tool in Montpellier

VOGO SPORT is made to enrich spectators’ experience on site.

Developed by sportech VOGO, VOGO SPORT is a Live & Replay solution that allows spectators in the venue, from their mobile phones, to follow a match live and from different angles. At any time, they can review an action, such as a beautiful smash or block. They also use zoom or slow-mo modes. They thus become “spectActors” of the event!

How does VOGO SPORT work ? -> Watch the Tutorial


VOGO has already been experienced in volleyball, and in the Sud de France Arena

The Montpellier-based company is well established in its region.

Since 2018, the VOGO SPORT system has been installed for the Montpellier Castelnau Volley UC club. At the end of August, VOGO covered the finals of the Montpellier Beach Masters, an international competition for the 2020 Olympic Games.

As for the French Volleyball team, the story continues with VOGO and Eurovolley 2019 after covering its very first volleyball match with the France-Brazil match at the end of 2015 for qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

In 2018 alone, VOGO has covered several matches with VOGO SPORT for the Montpellier Handball Club, the « Open Sud de France » tennis tournament, the « Jumping International de Montpellier Occitanie » and, even more recently, « Occitanie Esports ».


=> Supporters, enjoy the VOGO SPORT service during the 4 matches of 17 and 18 September at the Sud de France Arena (South of France)! 

  • Tuesday 17, September (Day 6)
    • 02:00 pm (local time) : ?? Greece – Portugal ??
    • 07:30 pm (local time) : ?? Italy – Bulgaria ??
  • Wednesday 18, September (Day 7)
    • 02:00 pm (local time) : ?? Portugal – Romania ??
    • 08:30 pm (local time) : ?? France – Italy ??

The solution is available for free on iOS and Android, but also on a large touch screen in the VIP area.


Scan the QR code to download the VOGO SPORT app. It’s that easy !


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