VOGO announces the signing of a new Distribution Agreement in China

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VOGO announces the signing of a new Distribution Agreement with the Company Lansen Sports and Communications in Beijing and confirms its international growth for 2018 

VOGO recently partnered with Lansen Sports and Communications to distribute its VOGOSPORT application in China including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Effective since 2018, April, Lansen Sports and Communications now distributes the VOGOSPORT solution and will be covering its first significant event very soon.
VOGO SPORT offers a compelling video experience for in-venue spectators enabling them to watch through a mobile device, the actions live from different camera views, and enjoy instant replay, slow motion, zoom and other functionalities, all from the comfort of their seats. VOGO SPORT is also available for professionals, doctors, coaches, referees, journalists… allowing them to benefit from a live and detailed vision of the actions, with full mobility and autonomy.
Bird Nest Stadium, Pékin, Chine
Bird Nest Stadium, Pékin
Interview of Mei WONG, President of Lansen Sports and Communications

1 – What are your thoughts about the market for VOGO SPORT in China?

“We think VOGO SPORT has great potential in China because of the following reasons.
Sports industry in China is booming at the moment.  The Government has set up clear policy to support the development of the sports industry.  China has also been the host of many major international sports events in the last few decades, there is no lack of world class stadium and arena.  It is estimated that every year they are more than 3000 national sports events (average 10,000 person per event), provincial level sports event 17000 (average 5000 per event) and 7000 national cultural event (average 3000 per event).

One of the biggest problems facing all major stadium operators or event owners in China is finding extra source of revenue to cover the huge costs of maintenance.  The introduction of VOGO Sports helps them not just with extra income but also a better ROI for their sponsors.

Different from other parts of the world, event owners have problem filling the seats of a stadium due to the lack of interest of the Chinese people to watch the event on site.  Many still prefer the comfort and clarity of watching the event on TV at home.   The introduction of VOGO would encourage more Chinese spectators to attend the event on site as VOGO will increase their onsite experience.

2-  How do you imagine product expansion?

The business model for the Chinese market will be slightly different from other markets such as USA or Europe where event organisers are your main potential customer.  In China, however, it is both the event owners and the stadium owners are our main potential customers.

However, as this product is new in China, we need to do quite a bit of work in terms of educating the event owners and stadium owners that this is a good investment.

Other than sports event, we will also introduce VOGO to be used in cultural events.
We think the Chinese people is very open-minded and responsive in terms of using new technology.  Hence, we are confident that the product will be received well by the Chinese people.

3 –  What about your relationship with the VOGO company?

We have an excellent business relationship with VOGO Company.  We found them to be very professional.  They know what the market needs and they are always looking for ways to improve their products and services.  We have full confidence in them that they will continue to be the market leader.  “

Through this agreement, VOGO continues its international development and as Christophe CARNIEL, President of VOGO comments: “Thanks to the establishment of this partnership, we will cover our first event in China very soon as the application VOGO SPORT will be integrated in the  Bird Nest Stadium application (Olympic Stadium in Beijing) and will allow the spectators present in the venue  to discover VOGO SPORT features to increase their on-site experience.”


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