VOGO SPORT partner of Occitanie Esports 2019

This June 21, we are celebrating two events: the summer solstice, and the return of Occitanie Esports! And for the 2nd consecutive year, VOGO is joining as a partner to enrich the experience of esport enthusiasts…


The biggest esport* event in the South of France!

The video game market is booming! Its turnover is estimated at 4.9 billion euros in France. The “Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée” Region shows committment; it concentrates nearly 100 companies related to video games, (+10% in a year). And that’s not all: it is both a welcoming place and a partner of Occitanie Esports. The ambition of the President of the Region is “clear”: she wants to make it “a reference for gamers, for professionals“.

Occitanie Esports is the largest esport event in the South of France. It is organised by major players including ESL (the largest esport company in the world) and FuturoLAN (association organising the largest Gamers Assembly, LAN-party in France). The 2nd edition is taking place from 21 to 23 June in Montpellier. VOGO, which was present at the inaugural edition, is coming back as a support partner.

VOGO, regional partner and one of the best ally of fans.

Esports tournaments are widely distributed on the web. Spectators watch them via streaming platforms or web TV. But at home, they can not feel the emotion of the venue. When they go to an esport event, they can relive players’ key actions on a giant screen but they are limited to the broadcaster’s images. The VOGO SPORT application keeps only the good of both situations to offer an IRL AND digital experience!

Developed by VOGO, VOGO SPORT is an innovative video Live & Replay mobile solution that allows you to:

  • Follow several competitions simultaneously or follow the screens of each player
  • Review an action instantly in zoom and/or slow motion mode, especially appreciated for shooting games
  • Enjoy original video content such as a progamer interview…


An esport fan follows 2 sports competitions at the same time: the one in front of him,
and the other one on his VOGO SPORT mobile app.

Good news for a target audience that is usually receptive to new technologies!

Going to Occitanie Esports 2019? Enjoy these 3-day event and especially the ESL Pro League CS:GO finals thanks to your VOGO SPORT Live & Replay service!

You wish to access the service. Nothing could be easier. Download the VOGO SPORT application on stores iOS and Google Play and connect to the “VOGO SPORT” wifi network in the Sud de France Arena. Once the app. is open, take advantage of its features!


Hashtags of the event: #OES2019 #VogoSport

* “esport” means competitive and professional practice of video games.



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