VOGO SPORT: 1st step in Beach Volleyball!

For the very first time, the VOGO SPORT Live & Replay solution is available in beach volleyball, during the Montpellier Beach Masters…


On the way to the 2020 Olympic Games!


The International Volleyball Federation has been organizing its prestigious FIVB Beach Volley World Tour for 30 years. In August, Montpellier is hosting the first stage of this international beach volleyball tournament, which is also the only stage in France. The stakes are high, as teams try to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games!


The Montpellier Beach Masters enrich the spectators’ experience


The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour 1* Montpellier is being held from August 27 to 31 in Montpellier, South of France. During this week of free show, the organizer and his partners provide spectators with an entertainment village with stands and mascots, but also games, cheerleaders, gifts, refreshments, snacks, merchandising…. And for the first time ever, the VOGO SPORT Live & Replay service.


Seeing a smash again instantly and in slow-motion is now possible!


Exceptional tournament, exceptional device: the finals will be broadcasted live on the TV Sport channel in France, and covered by VOGO SPORT, Live & Replay application!” (The Montpellier Beach Masters 2019 starts tomorrow with VOGO SPORT, press release)

Developed by VOGO, VOGO SPORT is an innovative application that allows spectators to follow the matches live from their mobile phones and from different angles. At any time, they can review an action, such as a beautiful smash or block. They can also use zoom or slow-mo mode. They thus become “spectActors” of the event!

How to use VOGO SPORT? It’s very simple:

  • Download the VOGO SPORT app for free on the App Store or Play Store
  • On site, connect to the WiFi “VOGO SPORT”
  • Open the VOGO SPORT app and enjoy fonctionalities during matches on Saturday August 31 at noon



This event is an opportunity for VOGO to get closer to the French Volleyball Federation, and to support it in its digital innovation strategy, in the perspective of the 2024 Olympic Games…



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