VOGO’s audio protections dedicated to communication in noisy construction sites

The construction industry is not only a dynamic sector, it’s also particularly noisy. Even though there are various items designed to reduce noise on construction sites, many of them isolate the workers from the outside world and that can be an issue. 

To solve the problem, VOGO offers a professional solution that combines noise-cancelling technology and reusable earplugs with high-quality communication systems. Our intercoms and headsets are suitable for any noisy environment.

The challenge of communication in noisy construction sites

The building and construction work industry is one of the noisiest sectors. Construction sites are known for their high noise levels, making clear communication a constant struggle. The common sources of noise pollution on construction sites are numerous:

  • loud machinery,
  • construction vehicles,
  • drilling or digging,
  • physical work (hammering for example)…

Shouting over the noise of heavy machinery or power tools often leads to misunderstandings and, more importantly, compromises the safety of workers. The use of disposable or reusable ear protection equipment such as noise-cancelling headsets is essential on construction sites and other noisy industries.

A good radio communication system for noisy construction sites includes a special intercom system with noise-reduction headsets. That is exactly what VOGO, the specialist of solutions for enhanced on-site communication, offers to construction enterprises, railways, and noisy industries.

Construction noise-cancelling headsets are products designed to protect professionals on construction sites. Our noise-cancelling ear plugs make construction teams more productive by helping them concentrate on the work. By enabling clear and intelligible communication between crew members, the noise-cancelling equipment with pairs of small foam earplugs also optimizes safety in the construction and building industry.

VOKKERO GUARDIAN, the radio communication system for industry

The VOKKERO GUARDIAN radio communication system has been designed to meet the noisy industry challenges. Available in two versions, the communication kit includes a full-duplex walkie-talkie, a high-quality product designed for noisy construction sites. The wireless intercom is hands-free equipment that enables clear and intelligible communication between construction professionals

It comes with a noise-cancelling technology that enhances the quality of the sound by filtering loud noises on construction sites. The coordination of teams are improved because everybody can talk to colleagues and also receive clear instructions without hearing disturbing noise.

With its patented noise filter and the best ear plug for construction, the VOKKERO GUARDIAN is an essential product designed to fit all enterprises in the construction and building industry. 

The wireless radio communication system is hands-free. It means that workers can easily communicate at any moment without stopping what they are doing on the construction site. Being able to communicate in that way helps professionals to avoid wasting time but most importantly, stay focused on their work. The absence of distraction and smooth communication create an environment that improves productivity and safety.

VOGO’s accessories improve communication and hearing protect

The full duplex intercom is just a part of VOGO’s hands-free radio communication construction system with Bluetooth compatibility. To meet the needs of ear protection in construction, the system also includes construction foam noise-reduction earplugs and various products for hearing protection.

In noisy construction environments, protecting workers hearing is a serious matter. VOGO’s noise reduction products have an advantage that sets them apart from conventional earmuffs. Even though they protect workers’ hearing and completely reduce the noise level, they don’t isolate users from their colleagues and managers. The clear communication that the radio system enables is crucial in risky environments.

VOKKERO GUARDIAN STANDARD and PLUS intercom systems include professional headsets with earpieces and molded hearing protectors. The microphone integrated into the communicating headsets allows permanent connection with every technician without exposure to harmful noise. The various items and features of the VOKKERO audio kit designed by our experts are customizable to fit different construction environments.

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