Live the experience VOKKERO with Matthew Barbe

Sports, climbing enthusiast you, since when, did you practice this discipline? How did this passion come from?

“It came to me later. Initially I practiced only skiing, I was not born in the mountains but in Beaujolais. I was studying engineering school in Lyon, with friends, I found out ski touring and climbing, and it was the trigger … “

In 2011 it was the Blackout, you are victim of a terrible accident, because of a hardware failure on the part of the company that provides your equipment, can we talk about this ?

“At my end of study, I have chosen Grenoble. I wanted to “mix” studies and mountains. I wanted to discover the Via Ferrata in Grenoble to accompany non-professional, people of different levels. It was after my work, I unfortunately had defective equipment, I slipped and I had a fall of over 20 meters … I suffered many injuries, the most important and traumatic for me : the very significant reduction of my visual faculties … “

1-month coma, 1 year of rehabilitation, surrounded by loved ones and because you are a fighter, you fight for life and for your passion, you hope to climb again?

“The hardest part was accepting of losing sight. I thought for me, it was all over and that nothing would be as before. Is what I was going to exercise my passion again, under what conditions … I spent a year between the hospital and the rehabilitation center. I suffered multiple interventions, I learned to walk several times … My relatives and friends have supported me tremendously. I met some lovely people who helped me to discover the world of the « blind », and how to use the tools to get to autonomous again, despite my disability … “

You win your challenge, you practice climbing again, how?

“Before climbing, I made several attempts … I was exhausted physically and morally. But gradually, never give up I managed to climb back. It was a real pleasure. I also joined the team climbing HANDISPORT. I discovered there were people like me, visually impaired, disabled practicing climbing. This motivated me tremendously. Today I found my level, see a little more … But it’s more complicated for my job, I had to abandon my designer working. “

Since your accident, you have invested in the system VOKKERO…

“I started looking for a communication system and I appealed to VOKKERO® (I remembered that long ago I could and had applied to ADEUNIS). I also practice climbing Indoor and I needed a system as part of my training or my competitions, able to reduce the noise to the maximum and to establish a comfortable, clear and flawless to prevent my guide, who have not to shout, not fatigue and impair his entourage. I had to be able to follow my path and anticipate thanks to him, who is also responsible for ensuring me throughout my performance. So I needed a reliable tool, ensuring my safety, reducing noise, making them totally hands free for us to focus on our respective tasks (me and my climbing guide to make sure). VOKKERO® has all these qualities. “

What is VOKKERO for you?

“I use VOKKERO in Indoor, during my training, my competitions but also in large outdoor track. In Outdoor, I exchange in excellent conditions with a person taking the right path before me. With VOKKERO® I climb alone safely. The person described to me the path to easily carry and warn me about the difficulties ahead … The system VOKKERO® to program a single time and at different uses, there is nothing to do! Unlike my colleagues who must constantly test and reprogram their systems. That reassures me particularly in the context of my competitions, where the stress level is at its peak.

I was impressed by the unparalleled autonomy of the system. I use it 3 or 4 times a week, and I support the once per month, representing 30h00 autonomy! I am confident and safe with high reliability VOKKERO®.

Its noise reduction system is also very powerful. In Indoor, apart from the voice of my guide, when the noise in the dining room is at its maximum, I hear nothing but his voice very clearly and noise do not harm in any way to my understanding. It does not have to shout! You should also know that the sound quality of this system is so good. Compared to other products that my friends use VOKKERO® really stands out. I could say that I am more powerful thanks to VOKKERO®. For me it is a real added value. “

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