In certain difficult, demanding or high-risk environments, professionals have working constraints (distance, wearing protective gear, etc.) that make it impossible to communicate with each other easily. The nuclear industry is a good example of this.
When interventions are required in nuclear power stations (periodic maintenance, changing the fuel, cleaning, decontamination, etc.) the health risks inherent to these environments mean that teams have to wear protective suits and masks, and these hinder communication.

Coordinating sensitive operations requires discussion with team members inside and outside the work room to reduce exposure time to the minimum and report any problems. Communication quality and reliability are therefore vital.

Our Vokkero product has been chosen by many members of the nuclear industry as it precisely meets their specific needs: 
• Permanent, rapid, clear communication within intervention teams.
• “Hands-free” function
• Small size and light weight
• Long autonomy period
• Patented noise filter that removes all parasitic noises (ventilation, machines in operation, etc.)

Vokkero, THE communication system for difficult, demanding or high-risk environments.

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