Vokkero BasiX, an effective navigation aide…

Croisières en Scène, the organiser of events on barges, now uses Vokkero® BasiX on a daily basis for its casting off and docking manoeuvres and passing through locks.

The captain and his on-board manager need to stay in contact with each other during these delicate manoeuvres (casting off, docking, locks). The captain is at the helm in the wheelhouse and the manager is involved with the manoeuvres at the front or rear of the barge. They can’t see each other therefore and, without an effective radio communication system, they can’t hear each other either.

The Vokkero® BasiX intercom system has the advantage of offering a full-duplex hands-free system and an extremely effective noise filter.
• Thanks to the hands-free system, the captain can keep hold of the helm while talking to his on-board manager. The latter can (for example) hold the mooring lines with both hands, with no risk of the system falling into the water.

• The on-board manager, who assists the captain with his manoeuvres, also coordinates the contractors on the barge (caterers, artists, magicians, musicians, performers, etc.). Thanks to Vokkero® BasiX’s noise filter, there’s never any problem with hearing or understanding the captain, despite the sometimes loud sound levels.

Results: they quickly gave up walkie-talkies, not suitable in the situations they face on a daily basis and which more often than not end up in the water during manoeuvres.

“Apart from the fact they aren’t hands free, it’s impossible to communicate using walkie-talkies when there’s a lot of background noise. Recently tests were carried out on the propeller shafts in the engine room. Thanks to Vokkero® being full duplex hands-free and its noise filter, we managed to communicated between the wheelhouse and the engine room. With walkie-talkies it would never have happened!”, says David Scheffer, Croisières en Scène Director.

Leader in the western greater Paris region (92, 78, 95, 27 and 75), Croisières en Scène offers turnkey packages as well as bespoke barge hire services and the creation of personalized events. Croisières en Scène organizes professional events on board its private barges on the rivers Oise, Seine and Marne …

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