Vokkero designed for disabled people

…restaurants, etc.) or to practice a sport in optimum conditions.

This is the case for example of Nicolas Béréjny Gold Medal in Super G at The Paralympics Games in Vancouver who practices a high level sport thanks to our Vokkero system. A workaholic, this athlete, visually impaired, has been training with Sophie Troc’s guide. It is his eyes. Connected to her by the wireless audio conference system VOKKERO, he avoids his problems of visibility, including shadows and lights, by extremely precise information that she sends. Thus the audio link allows him to anticipate the highest barriers on all types of tracks, including the most challenging such as Whistler, Canada.

Using Vokkero, from 2 to 6 people can communicate in full duplex mode(instant communication, no need to press a Push-to-talk button). 
Encrypted digital transmission ensures maximum protection against intrusion into communications and the private nature of exchanges. Vokkero requires no fixed installation and works on open frequencies, permitting instant use wherever it is deployed. 
Very quick set up
, without PC, by simple peering of devices makes itsintroduction easier, more efective and more sure
Small, light and robust, Vokkero is equiped with a high performance noise filter that ensures optimum listening quality in any environment, even the most difficult.

Vokkero strong points 
• Totally hands-free 
• Full duplex system 
• Permanent contact 
• “Open mic” communication
• Noise filter
• Works in group (up to 6 users over 800m) 
• Autonomous system (no base station)
• Light, compact, robust

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