Vokkero ELITE: discover its amazing audio quality and its new features

Coming soon… Vokkero presents ELITE, the Game Changer for sports refereeing. Future generation of the Vokkero SQUADRA (released in 2012), which has become the official communication system for professional referees worldwide!


Discover in preview the incredible audio quality of ELITE, recorded in February 2020 during a Ligue 1 match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PBKyP8AfG8


Finally, here they are!! Discover below the main new features embedded with Elite:  


  • HD BROADCAST audio quality (16 kHz)
  • Audio & Noise filtering adjustable to atmosphere in the stadium
  • Ability to adjust the whistle sound level
  • Increased robustness to radio interferences
  • An even more robust radio link between the referee and the VAR referees
  • No risk of accidental headset disconnection
  • Integrated recorder to store conversations on SD card
  • Voice synthesis alerts
  • Robust Audio Gateway compatible with any VAR equipment
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Remote control of the whole system (coming soon !)


Of course, we have kept everything you love about Vokkero, which means

  • Small and light terminals
  • A Plug & play system
  • Easy to deploy: no base station required
  • Encrypted communications (even more reinforced in Elite)
  • Touch screen charger/configurator for intuitive configuration


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