For the past five years, ETMF, a specialist in on-water and underwater construction sites, has been working to replace the current superstructure of the Quai des Etats-Unis, where the Monaco Grand Prix takes place, with a solid and durable structure consisting of 31 concrete shock absorber caissons capable of attenuating swell and supporting the passage of racing cars. 


In 2017, ETMF decided to use VOKKERO technology to ensure communications for the teams assigned to this project.

The Barge Manager, Stéphane CHETONI, shares his thoughts on the use of VOKKERO technology:

My team and I are on a barge, half the size of a soccer stadium, with a crane operator, mechanics and divers.

I’m in constant contact with the crane operator who can’t see from the top of his crane what he’s doing and relies only on my orders. The crane operator must be able to interact with me while keeping both hands free to execute the maneuvers I dictate to him. It is important to know that a shock of 20 cm for example can create a mortal risk for a diver. “In terms of safety, having a full duplex communication system is essential”.

As for the mechanic team leader on the bridge, he communicates with his crew members, and with me if necessary, via the VOKKERO radio communication system. “Adopting this system has allowed me to win a man on the bridge. »

In addition, the environment in which we operate is very noisy, between the machines, the road and all the people on the bridge. As a result, communication can be difficult and cause misunderstandings that can be fatal. “A tool like VOKKERO, with its noise filtering, should be mandatory in terms of safety”.

“It changed our lives, going back to our old walkie-talkies would be like going back to prehistory.

Why choose VOKKERO for radio communication in the building industry?

Do you work in the building industry? Are you looking for a turnkey solution for your teams on the construction site to communicate better with each other? Well, VOKKERO’s radio communication devices for construction are made for you. Indeed, with more and more construction professionals wishing to focus on safety and state-of-the-art equipment, it is essential to turn to devices such as the walkie talkies offered by VOKKERO. All you have to do is get started!

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