Vokkero Evo3 used on drilling and concrete injection sites

To improve the safety of its site teams, Botte Fondations, a subsidiary of Vinci Construction France, purchased Vokkero® Evo3 radio communication systems.

Foundation piles, micro-piles, tie beams, injection, jet grouting, diaphragm walls, supports, test boring, …, a specialist in special foundations, Botte Foundations is involved with all types of issues to do with working in the ground.
As safety policy is an absolute priority for Botte Foundations, the company decided to improve it by equipping its site teams with our Vokkero® communication systems. 
Botte Foundations carried out its initial field tests on an injection site in Lille. The injection process is used to treat sites, to fill in underground quarries or recognised voids (pockets where gypsum has dissolved, marl pits, etc.).

Following these tests, the site’s staff amounting to 24 people, were equipped with Vokkero® systems, including wearing microphone headsets coupled with moulded hearing protectors. 
These people can now work in a coordinated manner, with their hands free and in complete safety despite the ambient noise which can reach 90dB near to the drills and concrete pumps. 
Thanks to the Vokkero® full duplex communication system and its ultra-effective noise filter, the site manager’s instructions are now clear and audible to team members who can themselves react by speaking if necessary. 
Manoeuvres are perfectly synchronised, and staff focussed on their task no longer lose concentration but on the contrary work more calmly and more efficiently leading to optimised time savings on the site. Finally, the safety of people on the site is improved. 
It must be remembered that the Vokkero® radio communication system is already used in the building and public works sector by professionals responsible for bridging cracks, trenchless work, coatings workshops, mobile sites, etc.

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