VOKKERO for reducing intervention time in contaminated zones

In order to limit them, they need to wear suitable PPE, but above all to reduce intervention time to a strict minimum. 
Vokkero® meets this requirement perfectly by providing permanent, hands-free and perfectly audible communication between team members. How?

• Vokkero® allows clear voice transmission thanks to the patented noise filter suppressing all noise interference from self-contained breathing apparatus. 
• Vokkero® enables a total freedom of movement: 100% hands-free system requiring no manipulation. 
• Vokkero® permits a permanent contact with the control room or supervision centre. 
• Vokkero® is adapted to the wearing of all type of PPE.

A reduction in risks, isolation and stress, optimization of work time and improved efficiency and safety, these are the advantages gained by using Vokkero®. As explained by Billy Kernisant of the Millennium company:”Using Vokkero® in a dosimetric mapping application has meant a reduction of the collective dosimetry of interventions by 30 to 40%.”

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