VOKKERO GUARDIAN, The first products commercialized


Since the end of march, the first Vokkero Guardian have been delivered and the first uses on field realized successfully!


Vokkero Guardian, is a new product created with Vokkero users, to perfectly answers to all your expectations and communication needs: security, robustness, patented noise filter. All elements that add value to your productivity have been considered.

“… of value added in productivity and team workers performances…”

Optimized product design … for ease of use

Ergonomics, ease of handling, resistance: Vokkero Guardian has been thought out and created for a simplified and secure use. Flexible antenna, waterproof connectors, integrated belt clip, screen containing the configuration information: the product aims to increase the customer experience.

New functionalities… for better communication

Develop for an intuitive use, with no waste of time, no security risk, Vokkero Guardian provides reliable communication, clear, comprehensible and constant between members of a team.

Vokkero Guardian product benefits

Patented noise filter, suppression of surrounding noise

Effective and clear communication

Continuous conference, unlimited users

Transmission of information facilitated / immediate

Solid, robust & light product

No risk of breakage

Hands-free, instant communication system

Freedom of movement, security

Headset & smartphone connection, call handling

More exchanges, Freedom of movement

Digital encryption

Secure exchanges


Several systems can be used on the same site

Vokkero Guardian specificities 

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