Vokkero is achieving an ever-increasing presence in the security sector

Vokkero® by Adeunis RF will be on show in October at two major trade fairs in the security sector; Préventica Lyon (from 13 to 15 October 2015) and A+A in Düsseldorf, Germany (from 27 to 30 October 2015).

Through the marketing of its range of standard products, Vokkero® by Adeunis RF is now in demand from the big names in the construction & public works and industrial sectors like Areva, Bouygues, EDF, Arcelor, Saint Gobain, ERDF, the Fayat Group, and many more.

As part of its participation in Préventica Lyon, Vokkero® by Adeunis RF is standing for the innovation prize by presenting the Oscar 2.0 connected helmet, which our company worked on at various levels:

On the audio part: 
o Supplying an audio kit including integration of a microphone and headphones into the helmet.
o Integration of Vokkero® technology enabling communication with 6 co-workers in hands-free mode in noisy environments.

On the IPCA (Alternating Current Presence Indicator) part: development of a module and an aerial making it possible to detect whether the channel has actually been logged (an audio alert is transmitted to the person wearing the helmet).

And, lastly, on the lighting part, with 3 lighting positions being possible: 
o The helmet’s “inactive” position, involving a single light strip enabling a stationary person working on the track to be identified
o “Work” position: The medium position on a long-range LED
o The “en route” position, used when the person is moving along the rails.

This very innovative headset enables protection, communication, lighting and allows the wearer to be seen, as well as being able to detect the presence of alternating current.

Come and carry out full-scale tests at Préventica Lyon (stand F26 – Code: EILY053) or at A+A Düsseldorf (stand 6E78); you will be impressed by the effectiveness of our communication systems and connected headsets, which can improve the safety of your team members…

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