Vokkero launch GUARDIAN C2C!

GUARDIAN C2C is a full-duplex communication system dedicated specifically to satisfying the requirements of American Football coach-to-coach communications.

GUARDIAN C2C was debuted at the 2018 AFCA Convention in Charlotte, NC where “We’re providing a user-friendly wireless communications system with the highest voice quality on the market for a very competitive price”, says Bob D’Ostilio, North American Director of Business Development for VOKKERO.

Building on its experience with officiating communications through its SQUADRA product, which is used at the highest levels of team sports around the world, Vokkero has adapted its technology to the communication needs of Football coaches, from the high school level to junior college and beyond.  GUARDIAN C2C offers hands-free, full-duplex communication with full HD audio quality for up-to-16 users and requires no base station. 

Separate roles for Head-coach, offensive or defensive coaches streamline communications. Patented noise filtering technology and voice activity detection algorithms enable clear discussion in even the loudest stadiums.

“The ease of use and the excellent audio quality in the noisiest of environments allows continuous and clear contact between staff members. We are confident that the coaches shall appreciate that we bring our well-known VOKKERO communication technology to them with additional features and capabilities fulfilling their needs”, says Bertrand Million, Deputy CEO of Vokkero, a brand of Adeunis.

The system is available for purchase directly on the Vokkero USA website: www.VokkeroUSA.com


France: Estelle Belgiovine – Email : e.belgiovine@adeunis.com

USA: Melissa Welsh – Email: Support@VokkeroUSA.com  – Phone: 844.865.5376

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