VOKKERO® is a part of Grimpday !

The 03 and June 4, 2016, a team of seven firefighters GRIMP of 57 participated in the challenge GRIMPDAY organized by firefighters from Namur. This challenge is experiencing a craze in the field of relief hazardous environment since 2016 it celebrated its 11th Edition and almost 20 teams and 15 nationalities are represented on the challenge in 2016.

For its 11th anniversary, the organizing team has chosen to organize the competition on two days instead of one as the 9 previous sessions. The schedule is tight on June but volunteers are motivated to come and are willing to make some sacrifices. A team is formed, then changes are finalized with two advisers, two unit managers, team members 2 and 1 nurse to serve as a victim. The Moselle motley team because its members come from various relief centers but strong majority on the Metz group. Lolo Philip Mart, Lolo Hissette, Geo, Jéjé and Yan will be the sailors to this exciting adventure on the galleon GRIMP 57.

All team members are permanent link in the communication sytem VOKKERO® to exchange live information.

The effective communication, motivation and skills of each team allowed 57 GRIMP shout for joy at the announcement of their rank!

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