Vokkero Squadra at the Karate

Referees of the French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines (F.F.K.D.A.) used our Vokkero® Squadra audio communication system during the Paris Open (23-25 January 2015), the reference international competition for the best Karate experts.

F.F.K.D.A. referees had initially tested it during the Karate Seniors World Championships (5-9 November 2014 in Bremen / Germany).

Recently at the Paris Open 2015, the refereeing team used our Vokkero® Squadra audio communication system in addition to the video refereeing system for the following reasons:

* Thanks to its audio quality and filter removing all surrounding noise, Vokkero® Squadra makes decision making among referees easier.

* Specifically, it creates a direct link between the central referee, the video operator and the “supervising” referee. The central referee follows the exchanges and the final decision is given immediately after video analysis.

* The effectiveness of the Vokkero® system coupled with video refereeing led Francis Didier, President of the F.F.K.D.A., who wants to extend the use of this device to all national championships eventually.

The French Karate Federation is now “the first national karate federation in the world to have its own video refereeing equipment” supplemented by our Vokkero® Squadra audio communication system.

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