Vokkero Squadra used by the German Sailing Team

The stakes are not insignificant since the German national team was selected for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 
It has two years therefore to perfect its training and adjust the final details (speed of manoeuvring, overall speed and control of the boat, tactics, etc.) in order to achieve the ultimate objective: to reach the top step of the podium.

The German Sailing Team’s trainers organise coaching sessions in teams of two: two trainers, each linked to a team composed of two sailors. They give their advice to the team members in real time via the Squadra system; this is achieved thanks to permanent communication and the instant ability to speak offered by the system. Results: formidably efficient training as borne witness to by Kolja Völkers of Sailing Team Germany, “the results are fantastic”.

Sailing Team Germany is currently composed of over 80 sailors. 
The 49er is a light one-design sailing dinghy with a crew of two designed in 1995.

• Crew: 2 people of from 140 to 165 kg.
• Rigging: Bermudan
• Introduction: 1995
• Overall length: 4.876 m
• Main beam: 1,752 / 2,743 m (without / with wings)
• Sails: Mainsail and jib 21,2 m², Spinnaker 38 m²
• Displacement: 74.25 kg
• Architect: Julian Bethwaite

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