Vokkero Squadra adopted by the USPA…

After several tests in size during matches supervised by Steve Lane, US Polo Director of Umpire Training, and Tom Hughes, US Polo Coordinator of Professional Umpires, the Vokkero® communication system has been definitively adopted by The United States Polo Association.

And the feedback, as evidenced by Charlie Muldoon, seasoned professional player and Executive Director at United States Polo Association Umpires LLC, is extremely positive :

« The introduction of the Vokkero® system has been an extremely valuable in the way we communicate in the training of officials as well as making games more time efficient. The system allows our umpires to easily communicate before, during, and after a play which in turn helps our officials be more confident in their calls. This in general helps the game as a whole ».

It is noted that Charlie Muldoon is one of the top polo pros in the United States. He has competed at the highest level of polo nationally and internationally: at the World Cup, the U.S. Open, the Geneva Open (Switzerland), the FIP World Championship (Chile) and the Camera de Deputados. He also has won the 1999 20-goal Texas Open, and the 2001 26-goal USPA Gold Cup.

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