VOGO SPORT at Kandahar Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup 2016

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VOGO SPORT to Enhance Spectator Enjoyment of 2016 Kandahar Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup

Chamonix Mont-Blanc Sports Club has chosen the VOGO SPORT mobile sports replay application to offer spectators an interactive and immersive experience at the 2016 Kandahar Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup, taking place Feb. 19-20 in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley. VOGO SPORT is offered by VOGO, a leader in mobile technology products that offer compelling media experiences for in-venue spectators and an all-new, high-touch marketing outlet for sponsors.

The 19th annual Kandahar Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup challenges the best male skiers in the world with both the Alpine Combined and Men’s Downhill events. VOGO SPORT will be offered to spectators in the finish corral throughout the competition, allowing them to watch the action live and in real time from several different camera views on their smartphones and tablets. When selecting any of the cameras positioned along the slope, spectators will enjoy watching the athletes and detailed action up close from the departure line to the finish, no matter where along the slope the skier might be at any given time. Fans will also be able to replay the action, watch their favorite athletes in slow motion, or zoom in to see the skiers up close.


VOVOGO SPORT at Kandahar Men's Alpine Skiing World Cup 2016


“VOGO SPORT is particularly well-suited for the fast-paced, high-action outdoor races offered by the Kandahar World Cup — enabling spectators to follow all of the action and important details from the beginning to the end of each race,” said Christophe Carniel, CEO and co-founder of VOGO.

“VOGO and Chamonix Mont-Blanc Sports Club are excited to offer the advanced technology of VOGO SPORT to Kandahar 2016 fans,” said Fred Comte, the club’s sports director. “The VOGO SPORT application will enrich our fans’ experiences and allow them to follow their favorite athletes and action in a whole new way. Not only is VOGO SPORT a great addition to our race, but it is ideal for enhancing winter sports in general.”

VOGO is honored to work with Chamonix Mont-Blanc Sports Club as well as with other prestigious partners for winter sports, such as the International Ski Federation and InFront Sports, to bring new levels of excitement and interaction to spectators.


VOVOGO SPORT at Kandahar Men's Alpine Skiing World Cup 2016


Spectators can download the free VOGO SPORT app from the Apple® App Store® or from the Google Play™ store prior to the Kandahar Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup.

About VOGO
VOGO is a leader in mobile technologies that offer a compelling media experience for in-venue spectators and an all-new outlet for advertising and promotions for sponsors. The company’s VOGO SPORT is an application for mobile devices that enables immersive and enhanced viewing of live stadium sports and events. With VOGO SPORT on their smartphones or tablets, spectators can watch, zoom, and replay live-action sports in real time and from several different camera perspectives.
Since its launch, VOGO has covered many high-profile, international events in partnership with broadcasters, event management companies, sports associations, and teams.

Source – February 17, 2016

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