Walkie-talkie and full-duplex communication system: what are the differences?

When buying a communication system, the walkie-talkie, a name known to all, is generally the classic choice for professional audio equipment. However, it is not always adapted to business constraints! Choosing the right professional audio equipment can quickly make the difference in user performance. The larger the team, the greater the need for intra-team communication and effective supervision. When choosing a radio communication system, we often think of a walkie-talkie. But if it is the most popular option, it is not always adapted to professional constraints! Explanations.

The walkie-talkie: a simple audio equipment for one-to-one communications

Walkie talkie VOKKERO

Who has never used a walkie-talkie as a child? These 80 year old wireless radio terminals were first used in a military context before being popularized in the civilian world. Today, they are used as much in the industrial and event fields as for recreational use. The advantage, compared to a smartphone: the possibility to communicate anywhere, thanks to a transmission via dedicated radio frequency bands. A simple, effective and affordable communication equipment.

The operation of a walkie-talkie, professional or not, is based on the transmission and reception of wireless radio waves in half-duplex: each radio terminal can transmit and receive, but the user must wait until his interlocutor has finished speaking to express himself. The transmission is done with the help of a button called “PTT” (Push-to-Talk), which switches the product to transmission mode, preventing the reception of communications.

Although it is, depending on the model, a relatively simple and affordable radio communication system, the walkie-talkie quickly reaches its limits in professional contexts requiring flawless communication quality and controlled inter and intra-team communication. Broadcasting, sports and industrial environments can sometimes require hands-free audio conferencing – impossible to achieve with a professional walkie-talkie system because of the push-to-talk button. Also, the immediacy of audio conferencing and the need for responsiveness are quickly limited by half-duplex operation.

For professional use, VOKKERO recommends the use of a professional full-duplex intercom system.

The full-duplex communication system: the professional audio equipment for team communication

Professional walkie talkie

Some professional activities require the greatest reactivity from all the people equipped: management of a live event in the audiovisual sector, intervention by the armed forces or fire department, industrial operation in an ATEX zone or in a sensitive environment… Professionals have no right to make mistakes. The link established between the different actors using communication equipment must be clear, instantaneous and hands-free.

The professional full-duplex radio communication systems developed by VOKKERO have been designed to meet these exacting requirements. Unlike the half-duplex walkie-talkie system, full-duplex communication allows everyone to intervene freely in the audio conversation, for an immediate exchange of information. The patented noise filter eliminates unwanted noise, only the human voice is transmitted. Conversations are “crystal-clear”, perfectly intelligible, even in noisy environments.

As professional audio equipment, full-duplex communication systems often have a wide range of features and options that make everyday life easier for users. Bluetooth mode for integrating users on an ad hoc basis, group formation with designation of a referent radio terminal, radio and audio presets to adapt to the different phases of operations or even reinforced digital encryption are available on the various VOKKERO full-duplex systems. The unlimited number of users, coupled with the long range of the wireless radio terminals (up to 1.2km!) and their 12-hour autonomy, allows the coverage of a sports field, an auditorium or an industrial site.

Unlike some full duplex communication systems and walkie-talkies, the VOKKERO charger-configurator makes it easy to configure each radio terminal. You and your team save time and can devote all your energy to the execution of your professional mission.

Complete your full-duplex radio communication system with communication accessories adapted to the specificity of your job and your equipment: earphones and headsets, protective cases, fixed or mobile audio desk, carrying case and many others.

Choosing between walkie-talkies and full-duplex communication systems: our recommendation

Talkie walkie full duplex

If in simple cases of use, the use of a professional walkie-talkie can be sufficient, we recommend a full-duplex radio communication kit adapted to your particular case. The VOKKERO GUARDIAN kit covers a certain number of them. It consists of 5 to 8 radio terminals with free frequencies, a generic headset per user, a charger-configurator and a reinforced waterproof carrying case.

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