What communication equipment do ice hockey referees need?

To play their role perfectly and lead the game in the best way, hockey referees need to communicate directly with their assistants. But the direct communication is not always possible due to various factors:

  • long-distance,
  • position of the referee and assistants,
  • ambient noise (spectators stands, players, etc…),
  • speediness of the game…

Fortunately, VOGO designs and markets ice hockey official referee equipment to solve the problem. VOGO communication systems are specially designed to enable seamless and instantaneous communication. 

A hands-free radio communication system facilitates exchanges between referees and their team, ensuring that crucial information is exchanged without any delays. This feature enhances the overall efficiency of the officiating team and contributes to a smoother flow of the game.

To make accurate decisions during crucial junctures in a regular game, referees sometimes need video assistance. For that reason, the ice hockey referee equipment also includes video live and replay solutions. 

This technology implemented by VOGO empowers referees with a video live & replay solution., allowing accurate decision-making. By providing an extra set of eyes on critical plays, video solutions help referees ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of the game.

Ice hockey game referee communication system

What are VOGO’s solutions dedicated to ice hockey refereeing?

VOGO is the audio and video solutions specialist for sports, events, and industrial sectors. The company offers a wide range of professional audio and video tools for assistance, analysis, and decision support for referees and sports staff, across all levels of sports. 

Our team designs various communication systems for televised sports officiating. Here are three of VOGO’s best solutions chosen by international sports organizations (ice hockey, football…).


One of the audio, video live & replay solutions for refereeing from VOGO’s hockey referee kit is the ELITE BUNDLE. It is designed to combine two other audio and video solutions: VOGOSPORT Elite and VOKKERO Elite.

VOGO ELITE BUNDLE is tailored to help professional referees with the assistance they need to make fair decisions during a game. It can be adapted to the organizer’s specific needs for better efficiency.

As an all-in-one solution integrating audio and video services, the hockey refereeing system guarantees high-quality of execution and provides a single point of contact for video refereeing.

The radio communication system with video refereeing features is designed to be installed easily. It is an ergonomic and user-friendly solution that the referee can immediately learn to use. Every member of the referring team can use it:

  • field referees,
  • video referee,
  • replay operators,
  • technical guarantee…

The equipment is accessible to every VAR (Video Assistant Referees) stakeholder in any sport. It has been approved by international federations like FIFA and has good reviews from users because of its efficiency and price.


VOGOSPORT ELITE is the video live/replay solution dedicated to refereeing teams for ice hockey and other professional sporting events. It is built to be ergonomic and intuitive, providing analysis and decision support. 

The system offers hockey referees a complete refereeing chain in great autonomy. Perfect combination of performance and simplicity, the ice hockey referee equipment meets international requirements and can be perfectly integrated in any VAR system. VOGO has designed it to suit all televised sports.


This is a professional solution built to facilitate communication for televised sports refereeing. The VOKKERO ELITE radio communication system has gained the recognition of major players in different sports for its excellence. Reliable and ergonomic, the full-duplex audio communication system is easy to deploy and use. It offers excellent-quality audio in noisy and disturbed environments. That is possible with an integrated noise filter. The customizable system can be set to match the exact stadium atmosphere so that referees can communicate with their crew members.

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