What place for radio communication in sports coaching equipment?

Sports coaches are responsible for monitoring players before and during a sports event. The effectiveness of sports coaching during training sessions and matches has a lot to do with the performance of the players, and this requires quality equipment.

Find out how a radio communication system integrated in your coaching equipment can improve the quality of training.

The advantage of radio communication in sports coaching equipment

Coaches are the real point of reference for players during training sessions and sports matches. They must be able to communicate with each other, with the referees, or with the technical staff in order to have an overview of the game’s progress. Radio communication is therefore an important part of sports coaching equipment. Discussions are smooth and instructions are transmitted instantly to all concerned.

There are several options for coaches to follow a training session or a sports meeting efficiently. With a Push-to-Talk radio system, each coach can send and receive information. Listening is done instantly, but talking, as the name of the system suggests, requires the push of a button. The advantage of this option is that coaches can communicate feedback and instructions without the risk of interference from other callers.

But most training sessions and sporting events require coaches and staff to be fully focused and responsive. VOKKERO responds to this need by offering full-duplex radio communication systems that facilitate team communication.

VOKKERO full-duplex radio communication is a hands-free system where the microphones are always open, allowing coaches to listen or speak without having to press a button. This is an extremely useful device during training sessions: coaches can interact with each other in a natural and instantaneous way, to establish strategies without losing concentration.

VOKKERO’s full-duplex wireless communication systems can be deployed in just a few minutes in any meeting or training venue: a stadium, a hall, a water area… So much time saved setting up your coaching equipment that you can devote to your players!

Adopt coaching headsets for the sports environment

Coupling your broadcast with professional coaching headsets is a must to complete your sports coaching radio equipment.

VOKKERO’s professional coaching headsets are perfectly suited to the sports environment and allow clear transmission of discussions even during noisy meetings and training sessions. Our headsets are equipped with crystal-clear technology: noise is neutralised, so that only the coaches’ voices are retained and transmitted. This ensures smooth communication and more effective coaching.

Thanks to the earpieces’ micro-earpiece, the coaches can speak directly to their interlocutors, without embarrassment and without having to hold the walkie-talkie close to their mouth. In addition, the earpieces guarantee perfect protection and fit. The robustness and lightness of the coaching headsets make them ideal for use at sports events. Sports coaches can use their communication system throughout a match without the risk of discomfort.

Being able to communicate instantly and unobstructed by surrounding noise ultimately ensures quality coaching, and better management of players and matches.

Selecting a radio communication system for sports coaches: the VOKKERO recommendation

Facilitate communication with your players and optimise the time spent training effortlessly with a full-duplex radio communication system and dedicated coaching headsets. For the complete package, choose the VOKKERO GUARDIAN STAFF kit. It includes GUARDIAN STAFF radio terminals, professional earpieces, a charger-configurator, and several accessories.

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