VOGO at the French Baseball Challenge 2019

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VOGO at the French Baseball Challenge 2019

VOGO at the French Baseball Challenge 2019

VOGO at the French Baseball Challenge 2019

At the occasion of the biggest French baseball competition, a 1st Division club has experienced the VOGO SPORT “Live & Replay” service for its fans…

Initiated for the first time in 2002, the “Challenge de France de Baseball” is the biggest baseball competition in France in this sport! It pits the best teams in the national ranking against each other for a prestigious place in the European Cup. The 15th edition of the French Baseball Challenge was held from May 9 to 12, 2019 in the South of France.

The “Barracudas”, 1st Division club, who welcomed fans at the Greg Hamilton Baseball Park during these 4 days, were keen to entertain them; inflatable structure, initiations, raffle, refreshment bar, goodies shop, concert, graffiti… And for the first time, the local club, which recently invested in a video system for its stadium, has implemented the innovative and digital VOGO SPORT “Live & Replay” service.

VOGO SPORT is a mobile app. on which spectators can watch and review actions live from several angles of view in the venue. At any time, they can use the replay, slow motion and zoom functions. The fan thus becomes his own director by deciding how he wants to watch and review the actions of the match. The implementation of such a system makes sense in baseball; a match lasts between 3 and 4 hours, so spectators can take advantage of regular breaks to replay the most beautiful actions over and over again. But not only. They can also access other types of content in the VOGO SPORT interface.

Thanks to this partnership, VOGO enters both a new club and a new sport, and what a sport! With baseball firmly rooted in American culture, VOGO becomes even more attractive for the US market.

VOGO at the French Baseball Challenge 2019
The “Barracudas” Coach quickly adopted the VOGO SPORT solution!




















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