Distribution deal: Vokkero and the Boutique du Spectacle

Events and entertainment professionals can now order these wireless intercom for events on line by clicking on http://www.la-bs.com/ . Here are some of the benefits:

• A hands-free system, letting you send a radio call without having to press the push-to-talk button
• A noise filter with specialized accessories (see our accessories catalogue)
• There’s no base or fixed installation. You can use it straight away
• Total compatibility with existing wired intercoms (two or four wires), thanks to our Wireless Interface. This ensures a good connection between the Vokkero® systems and the wired systems located in-house or in a control room, for example.

The undisputed specialists in stage and studio equipment, the Boutique du Spectacle was founded in 1991. Today, they employ around forty people, mostly professionals in the field of television or entertainment. There are almost 30,000 references in their catalog (with thirty per cent more new products compared to the last issue), with around 15 from the Vokkero® range.

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