Live and Replay at FISE World Montpellier 2017

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VOGO and the FISE (Extreme Sports International Festival) decided to renew their partnership for a second year ! They propose to the audience of the FISE World Series Montpellier to experience this 21th edition differently. It starts on May 24thand will run until May 28th along the Rives du Lez.

This year, to celebrate its 20th year as an independent festival, the FISE has set up a mobile app including innovative functionalities. Among it, a “Live and Replay” brick installed by VOGO. This brick allows spectators to follow different trials in live and to watch tricks in replay and slow motion to optimise the experience. A zoom function is also available as well as several view angles!

What is the FISE:

  • The biggest Extreme Sports event with no less than 600 000 attendees over a tournament of 5 days
  • The third biggest sport event in France after the Tour de France and the Vendée Globe
  • 1 800 international athletes competing in 6 different Extreme Sports disciplines… and a lot of fun!

How to use the “Live and Replay” on the FISE 2017?

  1. Download the FISE app
  2. Connect to “WIFI VOGO SPORT”
  3. Discover the “Live and Replay” by VOGO SPORT

You are now ready to truly enjoy the FISE! Have fun!

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