Montpellier Handball Club Enhances Fans’In-stadium experience with VOGO SPORT app.

« In the world of European handball, the Montpellier Handball Club (MHB) needs no introduction. As France’s most successful handball club, MHB holds 14 French Champion League titles and 12 France Cup titles, playing in the French Division 1 (championship) League since 1992. Many of our players have gone on to participate in the World Handball



Since its founding in 1982, MHB has understood the importance of staying on the leading edge oftechnology in order to provide the best-possible experience for fans and drive revenues. In the last couple of years, we’ve taken a closer look at innovative digital tools that can offer a more exciting and engaging experience for fans inside the arena, enabling spectators to connect directly to the live action on the field via their mobile devices.

One such tool is VOGO SPORT, an application for mobile devices designed specifically to enable immersive and enhanced viewing of live stadium sports and events. In May, 2015, MHB used VOGO SPORT for the first time for a major handball match at the Park&Suites Arena in Montpellier, France. »


« Our experience was so successful that we decided to partner with VOGO for the 2015-2016 season, to make the application available for every MHB match, as well as for the D1

Championship Series when played in Montpellier. VOGO SPORT is now permanently installed at both the Parks & Suites Arena and our other competition site, the Palais des Sports René Bougnol.

The setup of VOGO equipment in both locations was very easy to implement, and most important, highly cost-effective, as the app does not require an intensive WIFI-network. »

“ VOGO SPORT is designed for an immersive viewing of live sport events “




VOGO SPORT, Getting in the play

« Prior to discovering VOGO SPORT, our fans had no way to replay and view the most exciting moments in the matches or re-live goals and other actions.

But now, with the app on their smartphones or tablets, they can watch, zoom in real time, replay or slow-mo the live action, and from several different camera perspectives they can switch from one view to the other on the fly. It’s truly amazing that fans are able to access these features – all from the comfort of their seats ! »


“ Our fans had no wayto replay and view the most exciting moments “




Marc-Henri HAMARD, Responsable Marketing & Communication, MHB

« We’re able to offer fans even more value for the price of their ticket, and the enhanced customer experience justifies ticket prices in addition to boosting overall client satisfaction.

Behind the scenes, VOGO gives us a rich set of intelligence on our client base including their expectations and habits, that we can use to adjust our offerings to better suit fans’ needs.

In addition, we’re working with VOGO to build compelling functionality into the app. that will allow us to develop additional new revenue streams.


And finally, VOGO SPORT proves to be a new communication tool, both through its ergonomics and through the content it can broadcast to spectators. That is why we are thinking about proposing this innovative tool to brands and companies that wish to become MHB partners… They would benefit from a new lever to interact with the audience, using new technologies. “


The fan experience is what drives the very essence of VOGO SPORT

Philippe Lafont, MHB fanEverything comes together for the fan on the VOGO SPORT interface. Philippe Lafont, a long-time MHB fan, offered his feedback on the application. “Once, during a match between MHB and BARCELONA, I missed an incredibly beautiful play. I would have given anything to be able to replay that amazing moment in time,” Lafont said. “Sure, the big screen allows me to see replays, but with VOGO SPORT, I’m able to pick the action I want replayed and my preferred angle. If I choose, I can zoom into that action instantly or watch the replay in slow motion.

Clearly, VOGO SPORT was designed not only to bring us into the stadium but to enrich our experience once we are there.”

“ With VOGO SPORT, I ‘am able to pick the action I want replayed and my preferred angle “


Statistics 2015-2016

With each match, VOGO SPORT’s popularity grows along with the glowing feedback from clients. Clearly, the app. has become an integrated part of the fan experience at MHB; in fact, fans have now come to expect it.

Regarding statistics, if the VOGO SPORT app. is used as a test, connection rate reaches around

10% of the audience with a minimum of communication made around the app. in the Arena.

With many different types of sports and media outlets competing for our fans’ attention, there’s no question that VOGO SPORT has given MHB a competitive advantage. In arena sports, every detail of a match counts – the physical impact, technique, speed, and other factors – and VOGO SPORT allows our spectators to gain an “up close and personal” appreciation for these elements and for the sport of handball overall.


VP Sales Europe & Business Development

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