Video to improve sports coaching and athlete performance

Video has become an essential tool for sports coaching. It enables coaches and athletes to better analyze their performance, communicate more effectively, and optimize daily training.

It can therefore be used in a variety of ways:

  • By coaches, to film and analyze training sessions or competitions and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their athletes,
  • By athletes, to identify areas for improvement and optimize their performance,
  • Using video analysts, automate capture, break down play, evaluate individual and team performances and generate statistics.
  • By medical teams, to identify a technical gesture or an incident that has led to an injury.

Obstacles to the use of video in sport

The benefits of using video capture and analysis in sport are undeniable, enabling a deeper understanding of athlete performance, improved tactics and informed decision-making. However, a number of obstacles sometimes stand in the way of widespread adoption of this technology.

First of all, one of the main obstacles is the growing need for qualified human resources. The effective implementation of video capture and analysis systems usually requires experts capable of configuring, managing and interpreting the data collected. These professionals, whether video analysts, engineers or data specialists, are often rare and expensive, which tends to confine the use of this type of solution to major team sports whose budgets allow it.

What’s more, the technical complexity inherent in setting up these systems can also be an obstacle. The acquisition of the necessary equipment, the management of sophisticated analysis software and the regular maintenance of these systems require advanced technical skills. Coaches, elite athletes or sports teams, especially those at lower levels or with limited resources, may feel daunted by the learning curve associated with these technologies.

Developed in the field, with top athletes and their coaches, far from the sport business, VOGO’s dedicated solutions overcome these obstacles to pave the way for more widespread and beneficial use of video in sports coaching.

The benefits of video for trainers

With VOGOSCOPE STAFFVOGO has opted for a turnkey video solution that offers many advantages to trainers. It provides live feedback during training sessions and competitions, but also retrospectively, thanks to the collected data available in the Cloud. Before or after training sessions and competitions, you can view video archives and look back on memorable moments and gestures.

It gives coaches the opportunity toprecisely analyze athletes’ performances and movements, and then todesign personalized, tailored training programs. Video also serves to reinforce the message conveyed by coaches, thanks to images that speak louder than words.

With our tools, video analysis can be adapted to all sports and all levels, making it an ideal solution for high-level athletes: clubs, INSEP, CREPS, federations, etc. It also facilitates communication between athletes, coaches and medical staff.

The benefits of video for athletes

In addition to its benefits for sports trainers, video and image analysis also has numerous advantages for athletes and the optimization of their sporting performance. Athletes can thus gain a better understanding of their technique, and easily identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

The analysis of video data and the replay of training sessions and competitions therefore increases motivation and commitment, enabling athletes to monitor their performance on a daily basis and self-correct. But they can also create content for their own visibility, to raise the profile of their sport, or to find sponsors.

VOGO supports top-level team sports clubs with its VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution

VOGO has developed a turnkey, multi-purpose plug & play video capture and broadcasting solution for all screens, suitable for coaches, athletes and medical teams, both indoors and outdoors: VOGOSCOPE STAFF.

Whether fixed or mobile, this solution is equally suited to training sessions or non-televised sporting events. It offers a host of features for viewing, analyzing and sharing data, ideal for improving athletes’ performance. All images are available directly on the screens, enabling athletes and coaches to view them without leaving the pitch, and after training sessions and competitions.

But VOGOSCOPE STAFF goes one step further, offering a free application for fans and spectators at sporting events, who can see and review key actions and gestures from multiple angles. The VOGO solution is therefore also a powerful marketing tool for raising the profile and visibility of athletes.

VOGO accompanies the MHSC-VBthe emblematic French volleyball club and French Ligue 1 champions. For training sessions and competitions, the club uses the VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution on a daily basis. Every training session and match is filmed, enabling players, coaches and medical teams to analyze actions, technical gestures and performances.

The Neptunes de Nantesthe first women’s professional omnisport club in France and Europe, has also chosen the VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution to equip its Mangin-Beaulieu gymnasium, and optimize the performance of its professional handball (Division 1) and volleyball (LAM) players. The solution developed by VOGO enables them not only to analyze sporting performances, but also to broadcast matches from the various sections of the club.

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