Vokkero Guardian: a conclusive test in the construction sector

Trialling the Vokkero Guardian on a construction site for one day.


Business sector: construction

Location: underground construction site

Particular characteristics: depth, up to 25m underground

Contacts: 8 people / 3 people outside + 5 people underground.

Requirements: clear communication between the people outside and those underground.

Accessories used: headsets PEL 421 & CEO 410 for the crane operator 

Test details:

The seven team members were equipped with their Vokkero Guardians, which they attached to their belts and helmets. The equipment was configured and ready to use. Before going underground, they tested the Vokkero systems outside: everything worked well. Next, five staff members went underground, to the first level of the site located 10 m underground: work could now begin. Each person took up position and the work got underway. The Guardian products were tested for several hours, including communication with the crane operator outside to supervise operations and conversations between the team members underground. The construction work subsequently continued, at a much greater depth of 25 m underground.

Test results:

Each team member could hear the others clearly and distinctly. The system’s built-in noise filter worked perfectly. All ambient noise was eliminated, which greatly facilitated communication. The result of this was added peace of mind on the worksite and also enhanced safety as information was correctly transmitted.Furthermore, the whole zone being tested was covered in full by the network. The system’s range was confirmed. The teams suffered no communication outages.The hands-free use of the product greatly facilitated the team’s work and above all their safety as both hands were now available. Their movement was in no way restricted.

Result: the results were extremely positive! The Vokkero Guardian perfectly met the team’s requirements.

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