ASVEL Basket club chooses VOGO SPORT

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ASVEL Basket club chooses VOGO SPORT

ASVEL Basket club chooses VOGO SPORT

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A first in basketball with VOGO SPORT and ASVEL Tony Parker’s club, to enrich the experience of fans at Astroballe arena on Friday 24th of May during the Playoffs quarter-final return between ASVEL Basket and Le Mans.

Spectators will be able to experience the game differently thanks to the various features of the VOGO SPORT application, namely the multi-cam vision to review a dunk or a specific action, instant replay, slow motion, zoom and other exclusive content broadcasted by ASVEL Basket.

The deployment of the VOGO SPORT technology at the Astroballe is the outcome of a close partnership between the LNB – National Basketball League -,  its official broadcaster SFR Sport, ASVEL Basketball and VOGO.

By being a digital innovation player in French basketball, the ASVEL club makes this “fan experience” roll out possible.








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