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Are your sporting events not filmed? Would you like a video analysis tool for your training sessions?

VOGO deploys its own cameras and adapts to your discipline’s environment, whether you’re a referee, a doctor, a coach or an event organizer.

Discover our audio and video solutions for semi-professional and amateur sports, tailored to your needs.

VOGOSCOPE UNITY, an autonomous video refereeing solution

Today, more and more sporting disciplines are using video refereeing, even when competitions are not broadcast on TV.

In this context, VOGOSCOPE UNITY is the ideal solution for filming events and providing referees with immediate video feedback via tablets or touch screens, at the edge of the field, on site or remotely.

Intuitive solution ergonomics VOGOSCOPE UNITYsolution makes it quick and easy for referees to get to grips with.

A refereeing solution for team and individual sports

The VOGO teams study your discipline’s needs and propose a solution. VOGOSCOPE UNITY solution: number and type of cameras, touch screens or tablets, to suit all sports and environments, such as extreme and sliding sports, gymnastics…

VOKKERO UNITY, the communication system for referees andjudges

VOKKERO UNITYis a full-duplex intercom. No pre-configuration is required, and it’s easy to use, so you can get started straight away.

VOGOSCOPE STAFF, a powerful, autonomous tool forcoaches and medical teams

VOGOSCOPE STAFF is an ergonomic, intuitive video solution for use during training sessions and competitions. Dedicated to performance enhancement, it is aimed at coaches, video analysts and the athletes themselves.

It is also a valuable analysis tool for the medical staff.

VOKKERO STAFF for instant communication between teams

The audio system VOKKERO STAFF audio system enables the coaching and medical teams to communicate easily together or separately during sporting events.

VOGOSCOPE STAFF is also available on tablets

For use on video analysis tablets or touch screens, the VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution can be adapted to all types of sports, both team and individual… indoor and outdoor.

VOGOSCOPE STAFF for connected pools

For the past 5 years, VOGO has been working with Alain Bernard, Olympic champion swimmer, to develop and deploy video solutions to transform swimming pools into connected pools.

VOGOSCOPE solutions integrate underwater and above-water cameras, touch screens and tablets, so that trainers, swimmers and users benefit from instant video feedback on what’s happening underwater and poolside.

Initially designed for top-level racing swimming, they are also suitable for leisure use (baby swimming, adult learning and development) and team sports (water polo, artistic swimming, etc.).

They help to improve performance, and are also a streaming tool for competitions and events that are not broadcast.

VOGOSCOPE STAFF for CREPS and other high-level training centers

Today, VOGO equips most of the CREPS (Centre for Sports Resources, Expertise and Performance) in France, based on VOGOSCOPE kits that can be fully customized according to the needs of the discipline and its practices.

Their intuitive ergonomics make them an everyday tool for coaches and young athletes.

A range of mobile kits for fully autonomous deployment

From single-camera backpack kits to multi-view devices, the solutions VOGOSCOPE STAFF solutions can be taken anywhere, for indoor or outdoor use, in locations that may change every day (surfing, mogul skiing…).

An immersive experience for spectators

VOGOSCOPE PULSE offers an interactive, immersive experience for spectators in the sports arena. By providing access to the match’s cameras, viewers can navigate through the different angles, rewind, slow-motion or freeze-frame to enrich their experience.

It’s possible to follow sporting events from home!

VOGOSCOPE PULSEallows you to film your event and stream live video feeds.

This makes your event accessible to fans who were unable to attend in person. You boost the visibility of your discipline, your club and your partners.

Meeting the needs of semi-professional and amateur sport
For referees

Dedicated to referees and judges, the VOGOSCOPE UNITY solution enables rapid, high-performance, autonomous implementation, independent of a TV production solution.

For the medical staff

Combining reliability and simplicity, VOGOSCOPE STAFF is easy to deploy and use, supporting doctors and their teams in their medical supervision role.

For coaches

The VOGOSCOPE STAFF application enables technical teams to view filmed feeds in real time, so they can adapt the strategy they adopt during a match or training session.

For fans

VOGOSCOPE PULSE can be installed as a fixed installation in your sports arena, or as a mobile version to accompany you to your competition venues.

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Proprietary solutions,
customizable to your needs

Our solutions are characterized by their simplicity, performance and adaptability. They are adapted to customer needs and user usage. Their functionality, ergonomics and cost are carefully studied beforehand.

VOGO adapts to the specific needs of each sport.
Here are a few examples.

This solution makes it possible to provide professional refereeing for amateur clubs.

VOGOSCOPE STAFF films the pool to analyze swimmer performance.

A video analysis tool to film and debrief live during training sessions and matches.

Film each apparatus with a dedicated camera and provide the judges with a live video feed to help them set the gymnasts’ scores.

A simple solution for better game management and fast, reliable video challenges.

Zoom in on the image from cameras positioned at the top of the ramps, to provide judges with a view of the ramp’s blind spots.

Our elite sports solutions
dedicated to referees

Dedicated to professional and amateur referees.

The VOKKERO STAFF is a radio terminal specifically designed for technical teams in sport: coaches, trainers, medical teams, video analysts, etc.

View video streams of sporting events and training sessions at all levels.
VOGOSCOPE STAFF offers a host of live & replay viewing, analysis and data-sharing functions.

The VOGOSCOPE UNITY, by integrating solutions for capturing and broadcasting live video images, provides referees with an invaluable decision-making tool, and contributes to the fairness of sporting matches.

The VOGOSCOPE PULSE is an interactive and immersive solution that considerably enriches the fan experience by letting the “spec’actor” control our match cameras. An intense experience to increase your fan base.

Business Cases
VOGOSCOPE alongside the Nantes Neptunes volleyball and handball teams

Nantes Neptunes share their VOGOSCOPE video solution: volleyball and handball!

VOGOSCOPE as all-in-one video solution for MHSC-VB

MHSC-VB uses the VOGOSCOPE live & replay video solution both for its sports staff and to enrich the experience of its fans.

VOGO STAFF as a video refereeing tool for water polo

In May 2023, for the playoffs of the French Waterpolo Championships in Marseille, the FF Natation wants to implement an easy-to-install, ergonomic and intuitive video refereeing solution, for easy training and use by referees.

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Video, audio & radio solutions dedicated to semi-professional and amateur sport not broadcast on televisio

The VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution is an essential tool for medical teams and sports staff. Thanks to its pro multicam control room, it enables advanced sports and performance analysis, with exceptional image quality from several cameras. This solution is adaptable to all sports thanks to its multi-camera capabilities, and offers comprehensive video analysis for informed decision-making. With VOGOSCOPE STAFF, medical teams and sports staff have at their disposal a high-performance tool for sports analysis and injury detection.

Video recording and broadcasting solution for non-televised sports training sessions
VOGOSCOPE STAFF is a plug & play video solution enabling sports teams to record and broadcast their training sessions. The solution is easy to use and provides high-quality images for analysing sports performance.

Viewing, sports analysis and data sharing functions for improved performance
The VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution is equipped with a range of viewing, analysis and data-sharing functions, enabling technical staff to adapt game strategy and improve sports performance. Medical staff can also use it to prevent and diagnose injuries.

A pro multicam control room for complete video analysis
With a pro multicam control room, the VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution provides a complete video analysis for each training session. Staff can use several cameras to obtain different angles and better understand the actions of the athletes. Sports analysis can be carried out in real time or off-line, providing support for making important decisions.
By using the VOGOSCOPE STAFF solution, sports teams can improve their athletes’ performance thanks to comprehensive and accurate video analysis. The viewing, analysis and data sharing features provided by the solution enable technical and medical staff to better understand the actions of athletes and make more informed decisions.