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VOGO ELITE BUNDLE, a complete audio and video VAR solution for referees

VOGO ELITE BUNDLEis our video refereeing solution (VAR). Dedicated to referees of professional sports such as soccer, it combines our audio and video solutions VOKKERO ELITE and VOGOSPORT ELITE.

FIFA-certified, our VOGOSPORT VAR (Video Assistance to Refereeing), VAR Light and VOL (Virtual Offside Line) solutions enable you to officiate in accordance with the rules laid down by the IFAB and the competition organizer.

VOGO ELITE BUNDLE is also a stand-alone video replay solution

Audio solutions VOKKERO ELITE and VOGOSPORT ELITE video solutions combine to provide professional referees with invaluable assistance in their decision-making, guaranteeing fair and equitable refereeing.

VOGO ELITE BUNDLE offers a complete refereeing chain and can be used autonomously on a field-side tablet in all types of sports: basketball, rugby, volleyball, field hockey, etc…

VOKKERO ELITE, the communication system designed with and for referees

Used by more than 90% of international football federations the radio communication system VOKKERO ELITEradio communication system, designed for professional refereeing, is recognized for its excellence by the major players in the world of sport.

The full duplex intercom combines high quality and simplicity. Intuitive and ergonomic, it’s easy to deploy and use. Its noise filter can be set to match the stadium atmosphere, allowing clear refereeing even at very noisy soccer or rugby matches.

VOGO STAFF BUNDLE, a complete audio and video solution for greater responsiveness andvital decisions

The solution VOGO STAFF BUNDLEvideo solution VOGOSPORT STAFF video solution for doctors to help diagnose injuries and suspicions, as part of the concussion protocol (HIA).

Easy to use, intuitive and ergonomic, VOGO STAFF BUNDLE can be used by doctors in complete autonomy.

VOGO STAFF BUNDLE, a solution for doctors at the edge of the field

The solution VOGO STAFF BUNDLE solution can also be used on a pitch-side used on a tablet during the match.

Video functionalities allow you to better visualise impacts, injuries and player reactions.

VOKKERO STAFF for fast, clear communication between doctors

VOKKERO STAFF is a full-duplex communication system, featuring a noise filter for clear, instant communication. It ensures communication between the HIA room and the field.

This radio communication system helps doctors to prevent or manage sports injuries.

VOGOSPORT STAFF, a solution for coaches and video analysts

The video solution VOGOSPORT STAFF allows you to view the video during the match from the sidelines, or after the match to debrief with the players.

VOGOSPORT STAFF offers a user-friendly interface with tagging, clipping and on-screen drawing functions.

With VOGOSPORT PULSE, the spectator becomes a spect’actor

VOGOSPORT PULSE is a mobile solution available on smartphones and tablets, which allows spectators to access live feeds from TV cameras from the event stands, and become their own directors: choice of viewing angle, replay to watch action again at normal speed or in slow motion, freeze frame, zoom, access to highlights or exclusive, enriched content.

Meeting the challenges of professional sport
For referees

Maximize the accuracy of refereeing decisions to guarantee the quality of major sporting events.

For the medical staff

Supporting and assisting medical staff and their teams in their medical supervision role

For coaches

Accompanying sports staff and their teams to victory.

For fans

Immerse spectators and fans in the action and make them part of the event themselves.

They trust us

Proprietary solutions,
customizable to your needs

Our solutions are characterized by their simplicity, performance and adaptability. They are adapted to customer needs and user usage. Their functionality, ergonomics and cost are carefully studied beforehand.

VOGO adapts to the specific needs of each sport.
Here are a few examples.

The FIFA-certified VOGOSPORT solution can be deployed in VAR or VAR Light configuration.

In addition, offer your fans the possibility of viewing goals, cards and official VAR decisions via personalized tags on their smartphones with the VOGOSPORT PULSE application.

Solutions for all school and vocational divisions.

Give your TMO control over the video refereeing tool. Be autonomous.

Watch the collision between 2 players to diagnose a concussion risk and start an HIA protocol with VOGOSPORT STAFF.

A solution for more reliable decision-making and optimized management of coaches and players.

A simple solution for better game management and fast, reliable video challenges.

Clear communication and a simple, ergonomic video system to quickly validate decisions.

Our solutions for professional sports

VOKKERO ELITE, world leader in audio communication systems for sports refereeing.

The VOGO STAFF BUNDLE combines our proprietary and patented audio & video solutions. Dedicated to high-level medical teams and sports staff, it guarantees rapid, high-performance set-up and synergistic operation of audio and video analysis and communication channels.

VOGOSPORT STAFF is a live & replay video system dedicated to medical teams and sports staff. Easy to use, intuitive and ergonomic, it provides doctors, trainers, video analysts and other staff with a decision-making tool they can use independently.

VOGOSPORT ELITE is a live & replay video system dedicated to professional referees, which adapts to the specifications of each sport and each match configuration (e.g. VAR remote, decentralized, etc.).

The VOKKERO ELITE CONNECT solution is an extension of the VOKKERO ELITE radio communication system. It connects the field referee to the remote video referee, regardless of distance, via a high-quality audio chain. This solution is essential to ensure the performance of a VAR system.

The VOGO ELITE BUNDLE combines our proprietary and patented audio & video solutions. Dedicated to top-level sports referees, it guarantees rapid, high-performance set-up, optimal, synergistic operation of the refereeing audio and video channels, and supervision by a single point of contact for the competition organizer.

The VOGOSPORT PULSE is a “second screen” video solution designed to enhance the in-stadium experience of spectators at televised sporting events.

The VOKKERO STAFF is a communication system specifically designed for technical teams in sport: coaches, medical team

Business Cases
With DTECH, VOGO equips the Georgian Rugby Federation with VOKKERO ELITE for international and Big 10 matches held in Georgia

As rugby continues to develop, it’s vital to use innovative equipment in order to be efficient and fair.

VOKKERO ELITE, the audio communication system developed by referees, for referees
Solutions for referees

Almost 3 years after its launch, the VOKKERO ELITE audio communication solution continues to conquer the world. Marketed for the first time in 2020, VOKKERO ELITE is the result of a period of intense work and investment. Designed by referees for referees, it has already been adopted by 90% of soccer federations.

Innovative VAR light solutions successfully deployed for AFC
Solutions for referees

AFC chooses VOGO’s VAR light solution for first test implementation at Women’s Club Championship

VOGO deploys complete HIA, TMO and audio communication solutions for Rugby Europe
Solutions for referees

VOGO has been deploying a complete solution combining audio and video technologies to meet the needs of refereeing and medical teams at Rugby Europe Championship matches since 2021.

The MHR offers an enriched spectator experience with Vogosport Pulse
Solutions for fans / spectators

The customer Montpellier Hérault Rugby – MHR – is a professional rugby club that plays in the Top 14. Based at GGL Stadium, it has been investing for over 10 years in services and technologies to enrich the spectator experience and enable them to experience matches at the heart of the action. On-site catering, live […]

CONCACAF: one of soccer’s most famous confederations chooses VOGO for its medical and sports teams
Solutions for sports staff

CONCACAF deploys VOGO STAFF BUNDLE for its coaches and doctors

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Video, audio & radio solutions for televised sports referees

Referee communication for video refereeing (VAR/TMO)

VAR/TMO has become a crucial element in professional sports, enabling quick and accurate decisions to be made on the pitch. At VOGO, we’re proud to offer communication solutions for referees that facilitate audio and video communication during matches. Our radio kits include full-duplex earpieces for clear, precise communication, and VAR/TMO communication systems for real-time use.

Full-duplex earpieces and intercoms for referee communication

Our full duplex and intercoms earpieces are specially designed for the noisy environments of sports fields, providing clear, reliable communication even in the toughest conditions. With a range of products to suit every situation, our audio communication is the ideal solution for referees and officials in all sports.

Intercom radio kit for communication between referees

Our radio kit for communication between referees is perfect for sports such as soccer, rugby, basketball, handball and more. We offer a wide range of products that enable referees to communicate with each other in real time, with full duplex headsets and reliable intercom systems.
In short, at VOGO we’re dedicated to providing high-quality communication solutions for referees and officials in professional sports. With our expertise in audio communications, VAR/TMO and intercoms, we provide high-performance communication solutions for the most demanding environments. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services for referees.